As Dwayne Johnson Succeeds in Hollywood, Daughter Ava Raine Competes for “Best Actor”: “Her Dad Taught Her Acting”

Dwayne Johnson’s wrestling heritage is carried on by his daughter, Simone Johnson. In October of last year, she made her NXT debut as Ava Raine, a member of the group Schism. Since then, she has attempted to play a crucial role in subsequent Schism wins. Similarly, she performed the same thing last week, and supporters praised her, claiming Ava inherited such talents from her father, The Rock.

The Final Girl is 21 years old, and she still has a lot to learn in her job. However, she recently demonstrated to the WWE globe how to perfect acting talents while stealing a win for her side.
On the May 2nd edition of NXT Schism, Joe Gacy faced off against Gallus’ Joe Coffey. The Dyad (Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid) faced off for the NXT Tag Team Championship. Gacy, with the assistance of Ava, was able to steal the win and get the NXT Tag Team Title Match for The Dyad.
Raine entered the ring to distract Coffey while the referee was checking with Gacy. When the referee turned around, she collapsed, yelling that a Gallus member had struck her. As a result, the Schism leader took advantage of the chance to deliver a vicious lariat on Coffey and pin him.
Her mother, Dany Garcia, commended her in an Instagram story, writing, “She helps steal a win.” Raine, on the other hand, has gone a long way since her debut. Her talents did not please numerous admirers back in October, but she has turned it around with her skills and has fans overwhelmingly applauding her.

Fans compare Ava Raine’s acting abilities to those of her father, Dwayne Johnson.
It’s in her blood to act!

“The family’s best actor…”

“She got some acting lessons from her father.”

“That stuff was tight…She was fantastic in that role…”

“Award for best actor ava”

“Looks like the rock”

“Nice one, Ava… that was fun.”

“The way she was acting was amusing.”

Did you really witness it?

“Did anyone else notice Ava pretending not to laugh?”

“Girl appears to be laughing on the floor lmfao.”
Ava Raine wows the WWE world.

“You’ve hit the rock, Daughter.”

“If you can smell what The Ava is cooking”

“Nah man, how tall is Ava Raine, cuz she makes Joe Coffey and Joe Gacy look small when they stand next to her for real?”

“I was dying, she actually played like he hit her really hard, Roman needs to get her into the bloodline.”

Surprisingly, these fans dislike her acting.

“She’s a bad actress who will get better with time.”
“Sometimes talent skips generations!!!!!”

“Ava’s acting is every bit as bad as her father’s lol”

“She should go watch her grandfather sell.”

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