Is capital goods a Good Career Path

Best Paying Jobs in capital goods – Is capital goods a Good Career Path (beginner guide 2023)

In this post, I am going to analyze the best-paying jobs in capital goods and all you need to know about capital goods.

Before going into the best sector of jobs that pays well in capital goods, I will explain quickly the meaning of capital goods and mention their types.

What you need to know about Capital goods

According to google’s dictionary, capital goods are defined as ” goods that are used in producing other goods, rather than being bought by consumers “.

Capital goods are a type of durable good used to produce other goods and services. Capital goods are also known as durable goods, producer durables, or intermediate goods. Physical capital is one of the three main factors of production in economic theory and consists of manufactured goods that are used in production. The other two main factors of production are land and labor.

In microeconomics, capital refers to the stock of physical or human capital that a business or country has available to generate future economic growth. It is essential for businesses to have the capital necessary to invest in new products, processes, or services and to finance the costs of expansion.

There are two types of capital which include; primary and subordinated.

Primary capital goods are a key component of any economy and are essential for the production of other goods and services. They are also known as durable goods because they are designed to last for a long time.

On the other hand, subordinated capital is also called subordinated debt. It is a loan that ranks below other loans with regard to claims on assets or earnings. In the event of liquidation, subordinated creditors only receive payment after senior creditors are paid in full.

What are capital goods? – Is capital goods a Good Career Path

Best paying jobs in capital goods

There are numerous jobs in capital goods that are really profitable and pay well, but I will list and highlight the best of these good jobs. We will look into their work and annual income as a job in capital goods.

Best paying jobs in capital goods include;

Senior Mechanical Engineer

A Senior Mechanical Engineer in the capital goods sector is responsible for the design and development of mechanical equipment and systems. They work closely with other engineers, drafters, and technicians to ensure that products meet customer specifications and are manufactured correctly.

To be successful in this role, senior mechanical engineers must have a strong knowledge of physics and mathematics. They must be able to think critically and solve problems quickly. They must also be able to communicate effectively with other members of the engineering team.

Senior mechanical engineers typically have a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Some also hold a master’s degree or Ph.D. Many companies require their senior mechanical engineers to be licensed.

In the United States which will be our point of reference in this article, Senior mechanical engineers earn an average of $98,600 to $118,900.

Sales Engineer

The capital goods industry is always in need of sales engineers. They play an important role in the industry by promoting and selling products and services to customers. They also provide technical support to customers and help them to use the products properly.

As a sales engineer in the capital goods industry, you will need to have the strong technical knowledge and be able to effectively communicate with customers. You will also need to be able to work independently and be self-motivated.

If you are interested in a career as a sales engineer in the capital goods industry, then you will need to have a bachelor’s degree in engineering or a related field. They earn an average of $95,271 annually.

Industrial Designer

An industrial designer is a professional who designs and develops products for the capital goods industry. This includes products such as appliances, machinery, and vehicles. Industrial designers work in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, and consumer electronics.

Industrial designers use their skills to improve the function, appearance, and ergonomics of products. They also take into account the manufacture and assembly of products when designing them. Industrial designers must have a bachelor’s degree in industrial design or a related field. Many industrial designers also have master’s degrees.

Industrial designers typically work in teams with engineers and other professionals. They earn an average of $77,030 annually.

Marketing Manager

As a marketing manager in the capital goods industry, you will be responsible for developing and executing marketing plans to promote the sales of products and services. You will work with other members of the marketing team to create campaigns, develop marketing materials, and track results. In addition, you will be responsible for managing budgets and ensuring that campaigns are cost-effective.

Marketing Managers in the United States earn an average of $99,935 and $130,753 annually.

Business Development Manager

A Business Development Manager job in the capital goods sector is a great opportunity for those who are looking for a challenging and rewarding career. The main responsibility of a Business Development Manager is to identify new business opportunities and develop relationships with potential customers. They also work closely with other departments within the company to ensure that all aspects of the business are running smoothly.

The capital goods sector is a highly competitive industry, so it is essential that Business Development Managers have strong negotiation and communication skills. They should also be able to think strategically and be able to work well under pressure.

Coming to their annual income in the United States, Business Development Managers earn about $113,285 and $150,157 annually.

What is Products Management?

One of the main sectors and important structures of Capital goods is product management, so what is Product Management?

Product management is the process of developing, bringing to market, and managing products throughout their lifecycle. It includes all the activities from ideation, development, commercialization, and marketing of a product like capital goods.

Product managers are responsible for the strategic direction and day-to-day management of a product. They work with cross-functional teams to ensure that the product meets the needs of customers and delivers business value.

Product management is a critical function in any organization that creates and brings products to market. It helps to ensure that products are developed and commercialized in a way that meets the needs of customers and delivers business value.

The role of a product manager has become increasingly important in recent years as companies have become more focused on creating customer-centric products. A product manager is often the key link between the customer and the development team and is responsible for ensuring that the product meets the customer’s needs.


These five analyzed jobs are not the only best paying jobs in capital goods, there are lots more. If you have any question about any other job or capital goods drop them in the comments section.

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