Bradley Cooper Turns Down a ‘Star Is Born’ Tour, But Has a Fantastic Plan for a Lady Gaga Reunion

Cooper will not go on a live tour to perform the beloved songs from his Oscar-winning album, but he is interested in an other possibility.
Since Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s Oscar victory with their live version of “Shallow,” fans of both artists and their blockbuster romance “A Star Is Born” have wondered whether the couple will ever join up and hit the road for a live engagement. Cooper had already performed “Shallow” with Gaga during her Las Vegas residency, so it wasn’t completely out of the question that he would agree to additional live appearances. Cooper and Gaga would very probably sell out. Cooper, however, is not pursuing a secondary career as a traveling musician.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

Cooper knocked down the “A Star Is Born” live tour concept during an interview on “Ellen,” but he did give an other possibility that sounds really intriguing. “What I thought would be a cool thing to do, maybe one night, is a live reading of the movie, of the script, and singing all the songs as you’re reading the script,” Cooper said. “Like, at the Hollywood Bowl or something like that.” That would be awesome, right? Yeah.”
Cooper also discussed his Oscar night performance, which he also directed for the live broadcast. The live performance of “Shallow” was one of the highlights of this year’s Oscars event and is already regarded as one of the finest moments in Academy Awards history by many.

“I wasn’t nervous because I worked so hard.” “I just worked really hard, and Lady Gaga is so encouraging,” Cooper said. “But it was absolutely terrifying, yeah.” Because I’m not a vocalist and had never sang before this movie, it felt surreal. But it just goes to show that if you work extremely hard and surround yourself with supportive people, you can achieve things you never thought imaginable.”

“Shallow” won the Academy Award for Best Original Song, while the film received nominations for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, and other categories. Cooper has yet to declare what his next project will be. The actor will reprise his role as Rocket Raccoon in the next Marvel film “Avengers: Infinity War,” which will be released in cinemas nationwide on April 26.

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