Despite $110 Million Budget, Director of $400 Million Blockbuster Forced Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to Do His Own Stunts: “Please Do Not Fall”

Action movies are made up of physically demanding stunts. As a result, it becomes difficult for actors and actresses to play them. As a result, film directors often use skilled specialists to execute such portions in action films.

However, in his 2015 film San Andreas, Dwayne Johnson and his co-stars did several of their stunts entirely on their own. Despite the fact that they were very dangerous to execute. Even the director was worried about The Great One at one point since he might easily be seriously harmed while performing one of his stunts.
Dwayne Johnson made his director sweat while preparing his movie stunt.
According to the IMDb website, director Brad Peyton wants his movie actors to undertake their stunts on their own in his $400 million blockbuster action film. The film’s budget was $110 million. As a result, they could easily afford to employ the greatest stunt doubles to do the perilous tasks. Nonetheless, the stunts were executed by the performers themselves.

He wanted the viewers to observe the stars’ expressions while they performed their feats. This added to the film’s authenticity. “I wanted to get Dwayne into the back seat and chase him with a 150-foot techno-crane and not cut,” he said. I wanted the audience to understand that they were seeing Dwayne Johnson accomplish this. This isn’t a ruse. There will be no editing. This is him doing it for real.”
Fans may witness DJ jump from a 150-foot-high aircraft in a cinematic section. He then successfully rescues a female trapped inside a vehicle stranded on a 50-foot precipice. When the director presented him with the concept, he enthusiastically agreed to carry it out.
However, as Johnson was preparing his movie stunt, the director expressed concern about his safety. “I remember seeing Dwayne practice that in Australia, which makes your heart palpitate because you’re like, ‘Please don’t fall right now.'” Sir, we need to roll cameras.”

According to IMDb, he subsequently remarked that seeing how the movie scene really came out completely pleased him. “When you see it, you’re like, ‘I buy this,'” he said. ‘This is legal.'” Fans undoubtedly appreciated witnessing The Brahma Bull attempt his own stunt in the film.

And fans may look forward to another spine-chilling, heart-wrenching installment of Johnson’s smash film very soon. It was just reported that part two of the 2015 film would be released on the big screen shortly.
What are your thoughts on The Rock completing his own stunts in the film San Andreas? How awesome do you think the specific stunt is on a scale of 1 to 10? Please share your ideas in the comments section below. We would appreciate hearing from you.

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