“Dwayne Johnson cites Kevin Hart’s ‘professional setbacks’ as he explains the reason for their tight bond, despite Hart being an actor worth $450 million.

Few Hollywood fans do not adore the sizzling on-screen connection between Hollywood’s highest-paid hunk Dwayne Johnson and his BFF Kevin Hart. So far, the legendary combo has appeared in a number of memorable films. They worked well together on everything from Jumanji: The Next Level to the smash hit Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. It’s reasonable to assume that viewers absolutely enjoyed their screen time while snacking on popcorn.
But it’s their off-screen friendship, full of humor and unshakable emotional support, that has gained them even more attention. Everyone knows about The Rock’s struggle with his larger-than-life persona. Similarly, Hart has had his fair share of setbacks, which he documented in a book titled I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons. The beginning of the $450 million actor’s career was not glamorous. He botched his first stand-up comedy event in 2012. On stage, he was roundly booed.

Also, Hart’s Hollywood debut, Soul Plane, was a victim of bootleggers, which clearly had a huge impact on box office results. He’s been through a lot worse, and The Rock has seen it all.
The Rock recognizes Kevin Hart’s struggle and exposes their unbreakable link.
The Rock himself was a self-made guy who rose to prominence in the profession by overcoming every challenge life threw at him. But his followers know how important friendships and intimate ties are to the Brahma Bull in order to endure life’s hardships. During a recent Pivot Podcast interview, the wrestler-turned-actor mentioned how his closest buddy Hart values friendship as well. He also remembered on how they used to be there for one other through thick and thin.
‘He’s gone through the grind,’ DJ said. He knows what it’s like to fail and learn. He’s also ambitious and eager, and as you grow older, you realize that having friends is so crucial because you can depend on one other, you can open up, it’s like’man you must, if you’re having a shaky day, call me, I’m there,’ type of things. I felt like we were there for one other in college, in my 20s, and when I was running in WWE, but it’s a different type of, I believe, love and security that you have.’
While we don’t know much about their personal relationship dynamic’s future, it seems that we won’t be able to witness the fantastic on-screen duo for long.

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart’s collaboration is coming to an end.
DJ has recently seen some obstacles in her big-budget Hollywood career. His most recent DC picture, Black Adam, performed poorly at the box office, prompting him to cut company with the 6.3 billion-dollar business. To make matters worse, his feud with Vince Diesel forced him to leave the Fast & Furious series. Now, it seems that his one remaining valued possession, the Jumanji brand, may also wish him farewell, since Kevin Hart has other intentions.

Hart made an appearance at the Academy Awards in 2023, when he revealed the forthcoming Jumanji series. In an interview with Variety, the comedian-actor said that he and The Rock are planning a Jumanji 4 film, which would most likely be their last film together on the big screen.

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