Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s XFL is paying their highest paid player a startlingly lower salary After Lamar Jackson’s $260 million contract

Pay disparities between leagues and players have long been a source of dispute. One such startling distinction between the NFL and the XFL has emerged. Vince McMahon founded the XFL as a direct competitor to the NFL. After failing twice, Dwayne Johnson acquired it and revived it earlier this year to acclaim. And now, a discovery concerning the differing financial situation of players from both leagues points to a deeper divide than just different regulations.

Instead of competing, the XFL collaborated with the NFL to manage the general development of football in the nation. Furthermore, Johnson owns 30% of the $3.5 billion ‘Teremana Tequila’ as well as other profitable enterprises such as Zoa energy drinks, Seven Bucks Production, and XFL.
While Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens got a massive deal for $52 million per year for the next five years, the highest-paid player in the XFL seems to be paid substantially less. According to heavy.com, the XFL’s Vegas Vipers hired quarterback Brett Hundley to a one-year contract of $200,000 each year.
It’s worth noting that players on NFL practice squads make more than the highest-paid athletes in the XFL. Hundley was signed to the Ravens’ practice squad for a month in 2022 before departing the team.

However, the disparity in viewership and popularity may justify the large wage disparity. While the NFL has been around for a long time and has a large fan base, the XFL is very young and modest. However, with ‘The Rock’ at the helm, the XFL might be on its way to reaching NFL heights.

Is Dwayne Johnson’s XFL set to grow significantly?
WWE’s Brahma Bull paid $15 million to buy XFL from its former owner, Vince McMahon. The Rock made a big risk on the football league, but it paid off, and he completely changed the football landscape in the United States.
According to ‘XFL News Hub,’ the league might see a significant growth before the 2025 season. The league is nearing the end of its debut season. And it already has team season tickets for the next one. According to the recent claim, Dwayne Johnson and the XFL have already planned five additional locales and teams for the 2019 season.
Nashville, Tennessee, Portland, Oregon, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Oklahoma City are among the five probable cities. San Diego and San Jose might possibly be included. Despite low television ratings at times, the XFL may return for a second season, this time with a larger audience and, ideally, a larger payment for its players.

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