Fans of Miley Cyrus are convinced she has released an album under a secret name.

Miley Cyrus fans are convinced she released an album under a secret name

Miley Cyrus fans believe she has published an album under a pen name.

While it’s no secret that the ‘We Can’t Stop’ hitmaker has had many distinct personas over her lengthy music career, it’s apparent that some admirers believe she had a different name at one time.

From her early days on Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana to the contentious ‘Bangerz’ phase – replete with hammer-licking and twerking aplenty – many are certain Miley has a whole different persona.

"Just go listen to the songs." Credit: Instagram/@mileycyrus

Rumours initially circulated on social media last month (April 26), when fans began circulating pet notions that Miley had released a hidden album under the enigmatic alias, Clara Pierce.
The 12-track CD was published earlier this year (10 March), on the same day as the award-winning actress released her eighth studio album, ‘Endless Summer Vacation,’ via Columbia Records.
Fans are using the coincidence as proof in their conspiracy theory, noting that Clara’s voice sounds very similar to Miley’s own notably scratchy tones.

Shane Cardinal, one of the fans in question, has subsequently turned to TikTok to elaborate on the topic.

“Just go listen to the songs,” he remarked, referring to Clara’s ‘Down With Me’ album.

The album was previously accessible on many streaming sites such as Spotify and Apple Music, however it has now been removed from all platforms.

What an oddity.

Regardless, many who have listened to the tunes claim that Clara’s voice are really Miley’s.

Miley Cyrus fans are convinced she has released an album under a secret name. Credit: Instagram/@mileycyrus

“She’s speaking at the beginning [of ‘I’ll Never Hurt You Again,'” Shane said, “and it’s unmistakably Miley Cyrus.”

If it wasn’t enough to raise eyebrows, fans noticed that several of Clara’s track titles are similar to Miley Cyrus’ extensive repertoire.
For example, ‘See You Again,’ the eighth song on the album, is also the title of a piece from Miley Cyrus’ first album, ‘Meet Miley Cyrus,’ which became her first top 10 smash.

Clara also has a song called ‘Without You,’ which is the same name as Cyrus’s duet with The Kid Laroi from 2021.

Clara’s CD also includes a song called ‘Sagittarius,’ which is Miley’s astrological sign.

The song even makes reference to the ‘Miley, what’s good now?’ issue involving the singer and Nicki Minaj’s uncomfortable meeting at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.

While nothing has been verified or refuted, it is evident that the speculations are causing the internet to spin out of control.

Miley Cyrus’ reps have been contacted for comment by UNILAD.

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