“Good Riddance”: Fans Relieved as Amber Heard Reportedly Quits Hollywood after Johnny Depp Trial Annihilated Her Reputation

Amber Heard

Amber Heard had put her career on hiatus after the trial with Johnny Depp did not go as well as she had wanted. She has been subjected to so much hatred and contempt that she had to go to Spain simply to get away from it all. With the passage of time, the aftereffects are also starting to disappear.
While Johnny Depp has already returned to his acting profession and has been traveling, Heard is the polar opposite. There have been speculations that the actress wants to return to the Hollywood business and relaunch her career. She could as well be called a former actress now.
Amber Heard Is Leaving Hollywood

Amber Heard
According to sources, Amber Heard is looking forward to her comeback to Hollywood. She was reported to be nowhere close retiring from acting, and nothing could make her do so. That case, however, has subsequently been entirely flipped upside down. According to reports, the Aquaman actor has left Hollywood. The now-former actress is being relentlessly mocked for her conduct as she retires from acting.
There have been rumors that she was forced to leave the business rather than the other way around. With her reputation only developing in the opposite direction of what she seeks, it would be difficult for her to get job. No one would want to employ her since she is one of the world’s most despised celebrities. Considering the public reaction, employing her becomes more of a burden than an opportunity.
Roasting of Fans Amber Heard Is Leaving Hollywood

Amber Heard in the Art of Elysium charity gala
Fans are relieved to discover that Amber Heard will not be returning to any additional projects, no matter how much she wants to. They are excited to see her leave the profession and are even celebrating the news.
Fans were not split as a result of the slander trial against Johnny Depp. They were all leaning toward Depp, with just a few standing with Heard. Given that she had no other alternative, the actress’s sole remaining option was to quit the profession for good.




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