“I Was a Sh** of a Friend”: Dwayne Johnson Discusses Kobe Bryant’s Contribution to His Relationship With Kevin Hart

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart initially met at an award presentation. A few years later, the little comic and the huge Hollywood star were cast in the same film. The world first saw the two in Central Intelligence in 2016, and the rest, as they say, is history. Johnson and Hart’s bond has become stronger after seven years. The WWE superstar, who admits to having few friends, considers the 43-year-old to be one of his closest pals.
That bond, though, may not have started in the first place if it hadn’t been for basketball icon Kobe Bryant.

What role did NBA superstar Kobe Bryant have in the Dwayne Johnson-Kevin Hart relationship?
Kobe Bryant is perhaps one of the finest players to ever put on a pair of sneakers. The departed legend’s recollections and stories about discipline and practice sessions have been documented throughout history. The Black Mamba famously said that he had no friends growing up because he was too busy training his basketball abilities. Johnson, admittedly, followed the same route as the Lakers star, but not as rigidly.
Johnson said on The Pivot podcast that he had few friends when he was younger. “I was a s*it of a friend, and I didn’t have a lot of friends,” he said to the podcast’s presenters. The Brahma Bull praised Bryant for his discipline and praised Kobe for his eagerness to learn. He stated he did the same thing in his twenties, retaining a myopic focus on his own development.
Johnson, who just turned 51, realized the value of friendship as he grew older. It is often said that the reward for patience is always delicious. This might be the case with Johnson, who is suddenly more appreciative of his pals after years of following a Kobe Bryant-like schedule.

“You’re rolling hard since we’re both in our twenties. You believe you have all the answers, and everything is as it seems (punches the air). “And then you realize, well, life is an endurance race, an endurance test, and maybe we don’t know everything we think we know, and maybe you could be a little bit more open to the s*it you don’t know,” he said.

Johnson said he was drawn to Kevin Hart because he knew what it was like to struggle and triumph. “…You also start to realize that having friends is so vitally important as you get a little older, because you lean on each other, you can open up, it’s like’man you gotta, if you’re having a wobbly day, call me, I’m there,'” the 51-year-old remarked.

Meanwhile, Dwayne Johnson seems to have found a new closest buddy this year.

At the Grammys, Dwayne Johnson introduced his new best pal.
This year’s Grammy Awards included Dwayne Johnson as a presenter. He met British artist Adele during the occasion, fulfilling one of the British singer’s long-held dreams of meeting the Hollywood star. Later that night, Johnson gave the Skyfall singer an award. “Get up here, best friend, Adele,” he urged as he read the winner’s name. ‘Easy on Me’ earned the artist the award for Best Pop Solo Performance.
While Hart was also there at the occasion, it was Johnson’s friendship with Adele that stole the show. If you believe Hart has been replaced, think again. His latest take on the $450 million Hollywood actor demonstrated the depth of their bond.
Meanwhile, what are your thoughts on Dwayne Johnson’s approach to friendship? Tell us in the comments.

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