Inside Miley Cyrus’ $7.9 million home

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Miley Cyrus has effectively shifted from Disney starlet to recognized singer since her days as Hannah Montana. With Cyrus’ success as a singer, have you ever wondered how a Hollywood celebrity lives? Now you can stop wondering. Miley Cyrus’ $7.9 million Malibu mansion is featured in this story.
Cyrus is ready for a new beginning after divorcing Liam Hemsworth. She bought a 6,568-square-foot Malibu property in late 2022. Cyrus paid $7.9 million for the Malibu house. This follows the sale of her Nashville mansion for $15 million.

Here are some photographs of Miley Cyrus’ $7.9 million Malibu mansion.

Cyrus’ 6,568 square foot house was built in 1999 and has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. The house is situated on 1.5 acres of land. It also has glass sliding doors, a large living room with a fireplace, a good dining space, a billiards pool table, a contemporary kitchen, and a master bedroom with a fireplace and a stylish bathroom.

The property’s backyard has a heated swimming pool, an elevated spa, an outdoor terrace, and many other amenities. There is also a three-car garage on the property.

Aside from the facilities, the location is excellent for a superstar like Cyrus. Although the house seems to be nestled away, it is nonetheless close to Malibu’s famous restaurants. Furthermore, with the purchase of the mansion, Cyrus would be neighbors with other popular artists such as Avril Lavigne and Lady Gaga.

With its facilities and location, the house seems to be the ideal spot for Cyrus to rest from the rigors of a rockstar.

It’s no wonder that Cyrus can afford to live a luxury lifestyle after successfully transitioning from a Disney star to a Hollywood rocker. According to Forbes, Cyrus made up to $134 million as Hannah Montana. Cyrus has a net worth of roughly $160 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. She is expected to earn more with the release of her current album, Endless Summer Vacation. Cyrus made a lot of money through her singing career, but she also made a lot of money from her many movie appearances.

Cyrus now owns a house in Malibu, as well as a home in Hidden Hills and a home in Studio City, Los Angeles.

Nonetheless, this is all we know about Miley Cyrus’ $7.9 million property in Malibu, California.

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