Janet Jackson’s Son Asks to Watch Videos of Mom and Michael Jackson Dancing

Janet Jackson, Rhythm Nation, 1989

The fruit does not seem to have fallen far from the musical tree for Janet Jackson’s kid.

Eissa Al Manna, the pop icon’s kid, is just three years old but has already shown an interest in music and dancing. Eissa requests to see footage of his late famous uncle, Michael Jackson, dancing, as his famous mom revealed on the Australian radio program Carrie & Tommy.

“‘See mom dance,’ he adds. ‘Keep an eye on Uncle Michael and Mama,’ and he wants to watch ‘Scream’ at that moment,” she said. She also said that Eissa performs some of Michael’s motions from “They Don’t Care About Us” and enjoys “Smooth Criminal.”

“He carries a tune,” Janet affirmed. “He’s incredibly musical, he’s very musical.”

She said that her child enjoys being near the band, the instruments, and making up tunes. “He has a really good pitch,” she said.
While it’s evident that music is an important part of Eissa’s life, would mum be sad if she chose anything other than show business?
“Of course not,” she said confidently to the host. “It’s really all about what he wants to do with his life.”

While that is still years away, Janet is raising him without a nanny while on tour for Rhythm Nation’s 30th anniversary celebration.

“It was done by my mother.” It was done by her mum. “How come I can’t?” She mentioned not having a nanny. “I don’t have anyone, and I love it.”

“He’s the reason I breathe,” she remarked of her only kid. “He has my heart.”

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