Jason Segel revealed one of Michael Jackson’s interviews helped him to escape his life’s ‘unhappiness’ phase.

Jason Segel stated that one of Michael Jackson’s interviews helped him get through a period of ‘unhappiness’ in his life.

During an interview with Rolling Stone, the Shrinking star recalled a time when he was at his peak but miserable.

“In that period when I was trying to figure it out, I only took projects where I could be around people I really admired, so I could ask them a lot of questions,” Segel said.

Michael Jackson rescued me from crisis: Jason Segel

“This crazy interview between Michael Jackson and Kobe Bryant where Michael Jackson basically told Kobe Bryant, ‘When you are around people you admire, do not be a fan, be an interviewer,” the 43-year-old continued. ‘Ask them whatever question you think may be useful to you on your trip.'”

“So I asked a friend, ‘What exactly is art?” ‘Art is executing an act of self-exploration on behalf of an audience,’ he stated, which resonates with my acting technique,” the actor added.

“Now I choose things where it’s my job for the next however long this project is, to go through something on film, and in this one it’s grief.”

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