Jennifer Lopez Speaks Out About Ben Affleck’s Constructive Criticism of Her Films For The First Time

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are unquestionably one of Hollywood’s most gifted couples. And it seems that working in the same sector as her spouse has a lot of advantages for J.Lo.
Jennifer is now promoting her new Netflix film, The Mother, in which she plays an assassin who emerges from hiding to defend her kid.

JLo and Ben standing together
J.Lo chatted with E! News about the thriller ahead of its May 12 release date, and she reflected on the arduous training that went into preparing for the action-packed part.
“I did a lot of fighting practice… The bouts were really well-choreographed… “I approached it like a dance,” she said to the site. “I also did the cybertraining, the gun training, putting the rifle together, and all of that stuff.” “I had forgotten how intense it was.”
While it seems that the singer had the physical aspects of the job under control, there were other areas where she was ready to seek advice from Ben.

JLo and The Mother castmate Lucy Paez
When asked who she invites to see the initial edit of her films, Jennifer said without doubt that her husband is her first port of contact.
Of course, considering that he has two Academy Awards — one for Best Original Screenplay in 1998 and another for Best Picture in 2013 — Ben is an obvious option to provide critical critique.
Ben on a platform, carrying an Oscar
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“I show it to Ben, honestly, because he’s so good at it,” she said, adding that she’s always eager to receive his uncensored perspective on filmmaking.
“‘What do you see?'” I ask. ‘What are your thoughts?’ “Because the first cut of a film is not the final cut of a film,” she said. “The first cut of the movie is the first cut of the movie, and it then goes through a whole incarnation after that.”
J.Lo went on to praise the Air director, saying that he notices minute subtleties that others would overlook, and that “he always has amazing insight and sees things about character and about story, being a writer himself.”
Fans will have to wait a few more days to watch the film, but fortunately for Jennifer — and maybe owing to Ben’s keen observation — many appear to be delighted that she’s returning to the action genre.
“I enjoy her action roles!” Enough, Anaconda, and now The Mother!! Yes!!! “Go JLO!!” one individual remarked in the trailer’s comments section on YouTube.

Close-up of JLo

“I love when she does serious movies like this!” said another, while another admirer praised the singer for taking on an action-packed storyline that makes use of her abilities and physique.
Despite a decade-long film career, the multi-hyphenate received more accolades for her acting abilities in 2019 than ever before, owing to her portrayal as an exotic dancer in the highly praised film Hustlers.
The adulation was so overwhelming that J.Lo was anticipated to get her first Oscar nomination — but she didn’t, shocking many fans and critics.

Ben and JLo hugging
During an interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2020, just after the nominees were released, Jennifer acknowledged she was disappointed after all the hype.
“I was a little disappointed because there had been so much anticipation.” There were several articles. I received more positive feedback than ever before in my career, and there was a lot of speculation that she might be nominated for an Oscar. ‘It’ll happen; if she doesn’t, you’re insane,’ she stated at the time.

Ben and JLo on the street holding hands

“I’m reading all the pieces and thinking to myself, ‘Oh my gosh, could this happen?’ And then it didn’t, and I thought, ‘Ouch.’ “It was a little disappointing,” she continued.
Ben and J.Lo had yet to renew their romance at the time of the issue. That didn’t stop the actor from stepping out in favor of his ex-girlfriend, accusing the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of neglecting to honor the landmark performance.

“She deserved to be nominated.” “She’s the real deal,” he said in 2020. “I keep in touch with her on a regular basis and have a lot of respect for her.” Isn’t it amazing that she got her best successful movie at the age of 50? “You’re a f.u.c.k.i.n.g baller.”

JLo and Ben hugging

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