Johnny Depp’s first wife Lori calls Amber Heard “horrific” in rare interview.

Lori Allison, Johnny Depp’s first wife, has called Amber Heard ‘horrific’ during the pair’s defamation trial.

Lori married Johnny in 1983, when he was just 20 and she was 25, and the couple divorced two years later, claiming “irreconcilable differences.”

Despite this, the couple has stayed close, with Lori admitting that watching him in court ‘broke her heart’ and she was ‘terrified’ he would lose.
While Lori has remained out of the limelight in order to honor Johnny’s requests for privacy, she has not been shy about giving her thoughts on the court struggle.

The makeup artist, 65, rolled her eyes on the Popcorned Planet podcast when asked how she felt seeing’she who shall not be named making all these claims and putting him through the wringer.’
‘I had met her before, I’d gone to parties at his place and she looked very lovely and she was stunning, and what’s not to love?’ Lori said.

‘But as time passed and I heard more and more about her – she who shall not be named – he didn’t seem too pleased all the time. I didn’t see him very much, so I can’t tell.

‘The things he said in court struck me the most; I probably sobbed multiple times because I felt so horrible for him.

‘He’s extremely private, which is why I don’t do interviews, and I believe coming out so completely was exactly what he needed to do.

‘I felt it would either be an incredible train catastrophe or it would go extremely nicely.’

Lori added, perhaps referring to Isaac Baruch, one of Johnny’s closest friends who testified on his favor in court: ‘I would phone Isaac occasionally and ask “what’s happening, is he ok?”

And he’d say, “Don’t worry, we’re going to win this,” and I’d hang up the phone and go around sobbing because I was afraid for him.

‘I believe that would have killed him, maybe not, but it just broke my heart that someone could do that to him.

‘I’m no angel, I’ve done my fair share of s**** to people, but what she did was absolutely awful, and if there were legal things I could do to her, I would!’ ‘I certainly would.’

Amber’s agents have been approached for comment.
Lori was full of kind words for her ex later in the interview, saying she had happy recollections of their time together.

‘He’s incredibly giving, he has the largest heart of anybody I’ve ever met,’ she remarked. I adore him and get misty-eyed when I think about him and his future, our history.

‘I just want the best for him, and I hope he feels the same way about me!’

‘Am I allowed to criticize him? There’s no need for me to say negative things about anybody. He makes the same faults as everyone else.

‘But, once again, he’s kind and kind, and I can’t wait to be in the same room with him again because I enjoy giving him hugs.’

Amber, 36, publicly accused Johnny of domestic abuse in 2016, and the actor lost a libel lawsuit in the UK after suing The Sun for referring to him as a ‘wife beater.’

Much of Hollywood then blacklisted the celebrity, causing him to lose film jobs.

However, after Johnny’s defamation action against Amber in 2022, the celebrity regained Hollywood’s attention.

Amber’s charges against Johnny, which were published in a 2018 Washington Post op-ed, were found to be defamatory by a jury, and she was sentenced to pay the actor $15 million in damages.

After Heard countersued for slander, the same courtroom ordered Johnny to pay Amber $2 million.

The actress filed an appeal in early December, but the former couple recently agreed that Amber would pay $1 million to settle the issue rather than face a third trial.

Lori Depp was erroneously cited in an earlier version of this story. This reference has been removed from the article.

Lori was candid about her feelings for her boyfriend, revealing she had nice recollections of their time together and describing him as “really generous.”
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Lori was candid about her feelings for her boyfriend, revealing she had nice recollections of their time together and describing him as “really generous.”


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