Just two days before the XFL season concludes, Dwayne Johnson and his ex-wife, also a co-owner, share their final season assessment of their $15 million investment.

The second season of the XFL, an American football league, is set to end in 48 hours. This is the league’s first season under Dwayne Johnson and his ex-wife Dany Garcia’s ownership. After the league was suspended in 2020, all eyes were on the new owners. Fans were eager to see whether they could successfully put the XFL back on track following prior setbacks. They not only made this season a success, but they also provided a preview of what the XFL offseason will be like.
The co-owners of the XFL speak to the media about the season’s success.
Before the completion of the second XFL season, WWE superstar Dwayne Johnson and his partner stood in front of the media to give their season-ending judgement. The co-owners stressed the need of consistent growth in an interview with ESPN. Dwayne Johnson said that the minute they walked into the second XFL season, all they could think about was playing the long game.
Johnson also said that when you join the sports sector, you want to see consistent growth and audience engagement, and then you play the long game.
Dwayne Johnson remarked of the need of consistent progress, “We went into this XFL season motivated and dedicated to playing the long game… You want to see consistent progress. You want to hear from the fans and the spectators, and you want to see how the game looks on television. Then you may play the long game.”

The owners also divulged the details of the off-season. The XFL might perhaps organize the minicamps to strengthen the bond between the teams and the supporters. In addition, the former WWE world champion offered a request for each participant that he hopes to accomplish.
Dwayne Johnson made a wish for XFL players.
Later in the discussion, WWE superstar Dwayne Johnson stepped away from the facts and stats and spoke up about a genuine desire he had for the XFL players.

Johnson said that he wants every player to believe that they will have some huge shots once the season is over. “Players felt seen, and they felt they had a real chance to play beyond this season, whether it was in the spring or in the fall (in the NFL),” the former WWE Champion remarked.
And, given the season’s success, it won’t be surprising if the guys are given additional chances once the season concludes, granting Johnson’s request. Johnson wants the athletes to obtain attention since he had a personal relationship with football throughout his college years.

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