Lady Gaga on Directing Her Own Film: ‘I’m Interested in it, Yes’

Lady Gaga’s acting career has taken off quickly. The singer has taken Hollywood by storm thanks to her dedication to her characters and talent for choosing outstanding parts, establishing herself as one of the most successful musician-to-actor transfers in recent memory. Following the tremendous success of Bradley Cooper’s “A Star is Born” adaptation, which garnered her an Oscar for Best Original Song, she received critical acclaim for her role as Patrizia Reggiani in “House of Gucci.” Rather than resting on her laurels, Lady Gaga may be aiming for a new title: director.
In an interview with Deadline, the “House of Gucci” actor said she has liked the challenge of learning how movies are created and could imagine herself producing one when she has the time.

Lady Gaga in "House of Gucci"

“I’m interested in it,” she added, “but I’d like to practice and become more nuanced and nimble.” “And I would never say that I could be great at something that I hadn’t studied enough.”
While she is not entirely new to directing, having directed several of her own music videos, Lady Gaga stressed that she takes filmmaking seriously and would only contemplate directing a film after much research.

“I’ve made short films for my own music videos, and I adore and treasure them.” “But they’re always mine, and they’re inside my own life and the rapture of my existence,” she remarked. “I believe that telling a story requires an authenticity and knowledge of filmmaking that I would like to study in the same way that I have studied acting.”

She went on to relate filmmaking to other artistic undertakings that were somewhat outside of her comfort zone. “I’d compare it to people asking me years ago if I wanted to be a fashion designer because I loved fashion so much,” she said. “And I remember telling myself, ‘What fashion designers do is not what I do, but I love fashion.'” That is, I am not a film director. But it’s possible. I’d have to spend a considerable portion of my life to it, if not all of my life, like a dedicated artist does.”

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