Meet Dwayne Johnson’s creative personal chef who is behind his well-known cheat meals, contributing to the income stream of the star worth $800M.

Dwayne Johnson enjoys his cheat lunch after a week of tough training. Sunday is a day of celebration for him since he works hard to keep his muscles in shape. We all know what kind of cheat dinner’ The Brahma Bull’ enjoys, and it is not a tiny amount. Surprisingly, DJ owns a firm that sells his cheat lunch, earning him an estimated $800 million.
However, The Rock did not come up with all of the cheat meals on his own. There is a chef who is in charge of bringing his distinctive cheat meals to life and may also be considered an inspiration for his cheat meal company.

that is the personal chef that prepares Dwayne Johnson’s cheat meals?
The Rock invested in Salt and Straw, an ice cream firm with whom he teamed in 2021. Furthermore, he produced five new tastes based on his classic cheat meals, and one individual might be considered an influence for this.
Racquel Rockquemore-Breiz, co-owner of Brique French Toastery, called Chef Rocky, has prepared multiple cheat meals for Johnson. ‘The People’s Champion’ even attributes the recipe for the renowned French Toast to her.
According to Chef Rocky’s website, “While working as one of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s personal chefs, Chef Rocky was tasked with creating one of his infamous cheat meals; French Toast.” It was at that point that she introduced him to her now-famous handmade favorite, Rock Toast!”

In a recent Instagram post, the Jumanji actor thanked his personal chef. “Big shout out to my personal chef @rockymercedes for her passion, talent, innovation, and willingness to cook and bake whatever my crazy mind comes up with,” he wrote.
Furthermore, DJ enjoys making epic cheat meal experiences, as he said in his article, “I love creating legendary cheat meal experiences and this stuff brings my ravenous ass SO MUCH JOY.”
Dwayne Johnson introduced which flavors with Salt and Straw?
In December of last year, The Rock posted on Instagram about new varieties of his ice cream. He broke the news in his trademark flair, earning the moniker “Dwanta Clause.”



This enterprise clearly brought DJ a lot of fame and also helped him earn a lot of money by selling cheat meals in the form of ice cream. Aside from this, he has other enterprises that contribute to his net worth year after year.

What are The Rock’s additional sources of income?
Johnson had several challenges after leaving WWE for Hollywood. However, as he rose through the ranks, he progressively evolved into a businessman as well. He is the owner of multiple successful businesses.

According to The Richest, The Rock owns eight major enterprises. The Brahma Bull also owns Seven Bucks Productions, Project Rock, Teremana Tequila, Athleticon, XFL, Zoa Energy, and Acorns in addition to Salt and Straw.
In recent years, he has benefited from Seven Bucks, Teremana, XFL, and Project Rock. His production firm has produced a number of films and television programs. Furthermore, Project Rock has a deal with the UFC, and the relaunched XFL was a success, as fans enjoyed the inaugural season.

Furthermore, Zoa Energy is spreading on a huge scale, much as Teremana Tequila. In summary, The Great One is making great achievements as a businessman that parallels his success in Hollywood.
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