Miley Cyrus gave us an iconic look by using silver straps to cover her n*pples and jewels to hide her private parts. Check it out!

Miley Cyrus created an iconic outfit by concealing her private regions with silver straps and diamonds. Examine it out!
Miley Cyrus is extremely ahead of her time, as seen by her fashion choices. People might either despise or like her energetic performances, but the singer is unlikely to modify her approach. Every year, she makes it a point to wear unconventional shapes that leave nothing to the imagination while promoting body acceptance. Today, we’re deciphering one of her classic 2015 looks, which drew a lot of attention and was even labeled ‘wacky.’

When Miley Cyrus Used Silver Straps To Cover Her N*pples & Crystals To Hide Her Lady-Parts

The musician has a penchant for drama and isn’t hesitant to ruffle some feathers in the wrong direction. She has been outspoken about not objectifying her b**bs and n*pples, and she has often exposed them to demonstrate her point. She performed the same thing at a 2015 gala, when she stunned everyone with her strappy gown and diamonds.
Miley Cyrus looked lovely in an unexpected costume at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. Her outfit was clearly avant-garde, and it garnered its fair share of criticism as well. Despite the passage of eight years, this remains one of the singer’s most memorable appearances. Simone Harouche dressed her in a Versace gown specifically made for her. The top was constructed entirely of shimmering silver straps that seemed to be imitation leather. It was wrapped like a harness around the vocalist, covering just her n*pples and creating a belt at the neck and waist.

Miley Cyrus donned a bejeweled skirt in silver and peach crystals for the bottoms, which made everyone question whether she was wearing anything below. She was, after all, dressed in a n*de robe to conceal her lady parts. Flowers completes the ensemble with silver knee-high glossy boots in soft leather with pointed toes.

The Wrecking Ball singer wore her hair in a high ponytail, curled in different strands. She tied it with a band that looked like aluminum foil, but considering the whole aesthetic, it wasn’t the oddest component of the ensemble. Miley used vibrant red lipstick over a dewy foundation and frosty blue eye shadow.

Miley Cyrus’ iconic outfit gets a 10 out of ten from us.

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