Miley Cyrus looks ready to party as she arrives at her star-studded album launch in Beverly Hills

Gorgeous: Miley Cyrus, 30,  looked nothing short of sensational as she arrived at her star-studded album release party at Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura restaurant in Beverly Hills on Thursday

Miley Cyrus looked stunning as she arrived at her star-studded album release party at Beverly Hills’ Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura restaurant on Thursday.

The 30-year-old singer wore a black mini-dress with a green fake fur coat for the event.

She also wore a pair of statement earrings, black shades over her blue eyes, and her platinum blonde hair was styled in beachy waves.
Miley slipped into towering black heels and carried her evening essentials in a metallic silver baguette.

The Flowers hitmaker strutted into the third-floor space above Gucci’s retail outlet after waving to a crowd of fans gathered outside.
Miley recently said that she can’t explain the meaning of her new song River because it’s too ‘f*****g filthy.’

Speaking in a preview for her Disney+ special, ‘Miley Cyrus ‒ Endless Summer Vacation (Backyard Sessions)’, she said: ‘It was a time in my life where I was going through just a lot emotionally and personally, and I guess all my songs kind of evolve.

‘They can start as a bother, like it just feels like an April shower. It never stops pouring. And suddenly it began to pour like love.’

‘River’: sometimes we simply need a dance floor banger, AKA, they don’t want me to discuss about the song’s subject matter [redacted].
‘It’s f****** horrible. It’s horrible.’

Miley was accompanied at her album launch by boyfriend Maxx Morando, 24, who was dressed in a blue velvet suit, a white t-shirt, and white shoes with black stripes.

He could be seen holding her hand as he escorted her inside her bash at one point.

The Lilly drummer, who first sparked dating rumors with Cyrus in December 2021, gazed adoringly at his love amid reports that their relationship is’very serious’ and that “everyone in her family loves them together.”‘
‘They are both artistic and creative, so they connect via music,’ a source said to E! News.

The star-studded event marked the release of Miley Cyrus’ eighth studio album, Endless Summer Vacation, in both digital and physical formats worldwide.

Earlier in the evening, Cyrus debuted a black and white music video for her song River, in which she danced with 14 shirtless guys.

The Wrecking Ball singer, 30, showed off her incredible dance moves in a black halter minidress as rain poured down on her and her backup dancers gyrated to her music while singing about rebounding from a previous relationship.

As lights flashed around the Grammy nominee began to sing: ‘Heart beats so loud that it’s drowning me out/Living in an April shower/You’re pouring down, baby. ‘You’re drowning me out/You’re like a river/You go on forever.’

The black and white camera then moved to the Black Mirror actress, who was surrounded by a bunch of hot males as water showered down on them.

Cyrus continues to sing about not being able to’stop thinking’ about finding a spouse who would ‘have the honor of my kids.’

The daughter of country music legend Billy Ray Cyrus, who identifies as pansexual, then exclaims that she hopes their future children have his or her ‘eyes and that crooked smile.’

She then admits to being in a’drought’ before beginning her next romance, which could be a reference to her new relationship with musician Maxx Morando.
On Wednesday, she shared a video of herself explaining the meaning of her song, River, which she wrote when she was ‘going through just a lot emotionally and personally.’

‘I guess all of my songs evolve in some way. They can begin as a bother… like it just feels like an April shower,’ Cyrus explained. ‘The rain never stops. And suddenly it began to pour like love.’

‘Sometimes we simply need a dancefloor banger, meaning they don’t want me to speak about how the song is about [bleep],’ the artist stated. It’s [bleeping] nasty. It’s horrible.’

The debut of her album, Endless Summer Vacation, which contains collaborations with Brandi Carlile and Sia, coincides with the premiere of the song video.

Hot on the heels of the success of her record-breaking hit, Flowers, which broke Spotify’s one-week streaming record last month, the pop star revealed that she and Carlile, 41, teamed forces on a song named Thousand Miles.

Muddy Feet is her collaboration with Australian singer-songwriter Sia, 47.

Jaded, Rose Colored Lenses, You, Handstand, River, Violet Chemistry, Wildcard, Island, and Wonder Woman are among the other song titles.

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