Selena Gomez shares sexy selfie as ‘copycat’ Hailey Bieber is slammed over cooking show

Selena Gomez took to Instagram on Friday night to share a new sultry selfie with her followers.

It comes as devoted Selena fans mock Hailey Bieber, 26, for launching a culinary program identical to Selena’s on HBOMax.

The 30-year-old Rare Beauty CEO, who is reported to be dating Zayn Malik, wore a ribbed white tank top without a bra.
The former Disney actress wore her luscious black hair back in a slicked manner with a strong makeup look.

The mogul emphasized her dark eyes with elongating black mascara and a bold red lip gloss.

Hot: Selena Gomez appeared on Instagram Friday night to share a sexy new selfie with fans

The Come & Get It singer took the shot from below, so that the spectator was gazing up at her.
Bieber has faced backlash after starting a food series called What’s in My Kitchen? on YouTube.

Fans are seeing parallels to Selena’s program Selena + Chef, which has been available on Netflix for over three years.

The creator of Rhode has long been accused of ‘copying’ the Only Murders in the Building star.

This week, critics labeled Bieber’s new venture a ‘rip-off.’

‘Hailey really needs to quit mimicking Selena and concentrate on herself,’ one user said, while another added, ‘She wants to be left alone yet duplicates Selena often.’

However, in a statement to the Hollywood Reporter titled What’s in My Kitchen? a ‘logical spin-off’ of her Who’s in My Bathroom series, which has already included Kendall Jenner, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Emily Ratajkowski as guests.

The first of six episodes, which aired on Wednesday, shows her preparing her’signature chicken wing recipe’ at the house she lives with husband Justin Bieber.

Her home version of her $17 ‘Strawberry Glaze’ Erewhon smoothie and pizza toast will be among the other dishes. The skincare expert worked with OBB Media to develop the series, which was sponsored by HexClad.
One Twitter user joked that ‘HBO MAX didn’t want her,’ while others suggested Bieber’s appearance on the program gave off’single white female’ vibes.

‘This gurl is infatuated with Selena,’ said another. ‘Look at this recreation of the Selena + Chef Cook Show.’

‘She’ll announce a murder mystery comedy show co-starring Tim Allen and Jerry Seinfeld next,’ another joked, alluding to Gomez’s Hulu series Only Murders in the Building.

Gomez went to Instagram Stories in late March to encourage people to stop harassing and tormenting Bieber, who has been getting death threats.

‘Hailey Bieber came out to me and informed me that she has been getting death threats and other forms of vile criticism,’ she wrote. ‘This is not what I am about. Nobody should be subjected to hatred or bullying. I’ve always campaigned for compassion and would want for this to end.’

Bieber praised Gomez for’speaking up’ on her Instagram Stories, and said that they had been talking about how to’move beyond this recurring narrative’ between them once and for all.
‘The previous several weeks have been tremendously difficult for everyone concerned, and millions of people have seen so much hatred around this, which is really detrimental. While social media is a great tool for connecting and building community, moments like today simply serve to divide people rather than bring them together,’ she said.

‘Things may be taken out of context or interpreted differently than intended. Everyone, including myself, has to be more careful about what we share and say.

‘In the end, I think that love will always triumph over hatred and negativity, and that there will always be opportunities to meet each other with greater understanding or compassion.’

To show their support, Bieber and Gomez began following each other on Instagram.

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