Selena Gomez’s Fake Met Gala 2023 Photo Becomes The Most Liked Post On Twitter With Over 25 Million Views, 405+ Likes

Since 2018, Selena Gomez has not attended the Met Gala.

This year, however, a phony picture of the 30-year-old actress and businesswoman in an Atelier Versace gown, ostensibly attending this year’s event, went viral on social media.

According to reports, a fan photoshopped her into Lily James’ Met Gala 2022 appearance, which went viral on Twitter, earning more likes than any other Met Gala look on the site.

Selena Gomez elected not to attend this year’s Met Gala, instead returning to California after finishing Only Murders in the Building, which takes place in New York City, a week before the big day. (On Monday, April 24, she was pictured having dinner with her sister in Hollywood.) But that didn’t stop one fan from making a Photoshopped picture of Gomez in Lily James’ Met Gala 2022 gown, which went popular on Twitter—and received more likes than any other Met Gala look on the site, according to celebrity news fan account PopFaction.

Twitter offered context to the tweet, stating that Gomez did not attend this year. Despite this, over 22 million people watched the photograph, and 392,900+ loved it, demonstrating Gomez’s popularity and how desperately fans want her to return to the Met Gala.

The genuine most-liked dress at the 2023 Met Gala was Anne Hathaway’s Versace ensemble, with a picture of Hathaway in it receiving 233,500+ likes and over 12.2 million views on Twitter. Nonetheless, Gomez’s phony appearance earned over 100,000 more likes and 10 million more views. Her ability:

James, who really wore the Atelier Versace gown at the 2022 Met Gala:

2022 costume institute benefit in america an anthology of fashion
Gomez was last seen at the Met Gala in 2018. Because of her false tan, she subsequently dubbed the night one of her worst beauty disasters. “While I was getting ready for the Met Gala a few years ago, we put on a bit of tanning lotion and it looked beautiful, but as the night went on, it kept getting darker and darker,” she told Glamour UK in February 2022. “When I sat down [at the event], I saw a photo of myself that was completely orange.” And now I find myself at this famous event. ‘I have to get out of here!’ was my initial thinking.”

selena gomez at the 2018 met gala
Gomez, in good spirit, posted surveillance video of herself exiting the Met Gala on Instagram. “Me when I saw my MET pictures,” she captioned it.

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