Snoop Dogg Explains Why Eminem Isn’t in His Top Ten Rappers List

Snoop Dogg just appeared on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club. The renowned MC discussed his months-long feud with Gayle King, Kanye West’s presidential campaign, and other topics. Watch the whole chat below.

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Snoop also made news on the broadcast by excluding a major name from his Top 10 list. He (surprise) disclosed that his fellow Dr. Dre disciple is not on his list.

“[Dr. Dre] has probably put Eminem in a position where he could be labeled as one of the Top 10 rappers of all time,” he stated. “I don’t think so, but the game feels like he’s a Top 10 lyricist and all that comes with it, but that’s just because he’s with Dr. Dre, and Dr. Dre helped him find the best Eminem he could find.”

Snoop continued, citing rap giants from previous decades to explain why Eminem didn’t make the list.

“There’s some niggas in the ’80s he can’t fuck with,” he went on to say. “Like Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, KRS-One, and LL Cool J.” Should I continue? As in Ice Cube.”

After around 15 minutes, the subject shifted to his Verzuz dispute with DMX. During the fight, he mentioned creating songs for Dr. Dre. During the Breakfast Club conversation, he recounted another instance in which they both received assistance from a recognizable character.

Snoop was questioned if he enjoyed writing for people or being written for by Charlemagne the God. Snoop responded to both questions, if only to tell a narrative.

“Me and the D.O.C., one of the greatest writers in hip-hop, we’re writing this song,” he said. “We’re having trouble with this beat. We can’t think of anything. It’s similar to the fourth day. Dr. Dre takes a nigga from New York to Los Angeles, and we’re all in the studio. That crap is finished in thirty minutes. He authored Dre’s crap as well as my trash. It was faultless. ‘Well, seems like this nigga out-struck us on this one,’ me and D.O.C. said.

After a short pause, he disclosed the song as well as the New York pinch-hitter.

“It was still “D.R.E.,” he said. “That was Jay-Z.” And he composed the whole song. You probably didn’t realize…That’s what I’m trying to say: I didn’t write anything.”

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