Snoop Dogg Is Attempting To Purchase The Ottawa Senators

Snoop Dogg is attempting to purchase a hockey franchise. Snoop has joined film producer Neko Sparks’ effort to buy the NHL’s Ottawa Senators, after acquiring his old record company Death Row last year. Snoop confirmed his participation in Sparks’ group to The Athletic. “This isn’t a joke or a gimmick.” Or a play on an appearance or resemblance. “This is a true ownership play,” he continued, “and Snoop will establish himself in town.”

Snoop came into the picture when Sparks met Kevin Barkey, Snoop’s “right-hand man,” via common acquaintances earlier this year. Sparks offered his proposal to Barkey, who passed it on to Snoop. They want to put together the NHL’s most diversified ownership group. “Once we started talking and building, we formed a plan to partner up and say, ‘Let’s do this together,'” Snoop says. Let’s get together and attempt to obtain the Ottawa Senators.’ We have the ability to make a difference in Ottawa and the NHL.”

Following a broadcast interview with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith that had some in Ottawa wondering whether Snoop’s interest in the NHL was more generalized, the rap star said he’s enthused about the Senators in particular: “I want Ottawa because Ottawa wants me.” It’s a booming metropolis. Once we have ownership, the team will do a U-turn. The players are motivated. The community has been inspired. “I felt like this is exactly what Ottawa requires.”
Snoop says he maintains a photo of himself wearing an Erik Karlsson shirt at the 2014 Ottawa Blues Fest on the wall of his weight room, and he also has a Ray Emery jersey that Emery gave him prior of the 2007 Stanley Cup final. “Everywhere I go in Canada, it’s always been love,” he said, “but there’s something about Ottawa.” And what about the possibility of purchasing the team? It’s perfect time right now.”

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