Snoop Dogg surprises fans by selecting East Coast over West Coast in hip hop argument.

While some fans admired Snoop’s viewpoint, others thought he owed fealty to the coast where he grew up. “Crazy Snoop would say this,” one admirer said. “PAC would be appalled,” remarked another, “but I’m not sure how long that will be true.” In nearly a decade, New York has not been the hiphop Mecca. And most of their gangbanging originates on the west coast.”

Snoop created a list of his top ten rappers of all time in 2020, with New York native Slick Rick at the top.

Snoop also revealed during the interview that he just joined an ownership group headed by Hollywood film producer Neko Sparks to acquire the NHL’s Ottawa Senators. He discussed his ambitions to establish the Snoop Youth Hockey League outside of Canada in order to teach the sport to children in metropolitan areas. “And the plan that we have is to go and build a Snoop Youth Hockey League outside of Canada so that kids in urban communities can learn about hockey [and] play the sport,” he said.

Snoop looks to be branching out from music and becoming engaged in sports ownership. The rapper is also utilizing his platform to make a difference in the lives of children in underserved places.noop Dogg recently came on Stephen A. Smith’s show, where they discussed rap. During the interview, Snoop stunned fans by stating that the East Coast has had a greater effect on hip hop than his home West Coast. When asked which coast had the most influence on hip hop, Snoop answered, “Definitely the East Coast since the East Coast invented Hip Hop… It’s the East Coast because it’s the epicenter, the foundation, and where it all started.”

Snoop stated that many West Coast rappers mimicked those prospering on the East Coast, saying, “All of the rappers that started in New York in the beginning was our foundation… They set the foundation.”

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