‘THEY’RE LIARS’ Michael Jackson’s pals release Amazon doc slamming Leaving Neverland accusers and claiming these 5 points PROVE he was innocent

MICHAEL Jackson’s friends and supporters have labeled his accusers “liars” and “money-grabbers” while pointing to “five big holes” in the case against him.

 Michael Jackson died at the age of 50 ahead of a high-profile comeback

Their charges are included in a new video created as a direct response to the explosive HBO documentary Leaving Neverland, which chronicled abuse allegations made by Wade Robson and James Safechuck.
The Amazon documentary ‘Michael Jackson: Chase the Truth’ offers interviews with the artist’s supporters, including biographer Mike Smallcombe, former child star Mark Lester, and ex-bodyguard Matt Fiddes.

Lester, who was closest friends with the Thriller singer, is shown calling Leaving Neverland “unbalanced” and saying, “It made me feel sick.”

Fiddes and Smallcombe then rebutted several of the assertions stated in Dan Reed’s controversial documentary.

 Biographer Mike Smallcombe casts doubt on Jackson's accusers in a new documentary

Here are Michael Jackson’s rebuttals in Michael Jackson:Chase the Truth…

‘Abuse’ at a train stop
James Safechuck said in Leaving Neverland that Jackson raped him between 1988 and 1992, including inside a tiny chamber in the train station at the star’s enormous property in California.

 Safechuck's claims that he was molested in a train station between 1988 and 1992 have been called into question

Smallcombe, on the other hand, maintains the station was not even completed until 1994.

“I was able to obtain the construction permits, which showed that the train station was not approved for construction until September 1993,” he said.

“There is a photograph on Getty Images by photographer Steven Starr taken on August 25, 1993, which shows that work on the station had not even begun on that date.”

 Safechuck claims he was abused in a private room in Jackson's movie theatre

Jackson’s hidden’sex chamber’
Safechuck allegedly said Jackson assaulted him sexually in a private box in Neverland’s movie theater, which had one-way glass so no one could see inside.

The inference was that the celebrity created the chamber specifically to abuse minors.

Bodyguard Fiddes, on the other hand, maintains the chamber was ALREADY constructed when the singer purchased Neverland.

“It does have a secret room,” he said, “but that was built before he bought Neverland.”

“It is quite common for houses of that size to have a panic room… and that is what we are discussing here.”

“We are not talking about a sex abuse room here.”

Alarms hidden under the floor
According to Leaving Neverland, the King of Pop employed sirens, bells, and one-way glass to detect anybody approaching the supposed sex rooms.

It was said that the bells lined a succession of doors leading to Jackson’s master bedroom, alerting the entertainer to anybody approaching the apartment.

“A lot of people make this big deal about an alarm going off when you walk up to Michael Jackson’s bedroom – that is completely true,” Fiddes remarked.

“I’ve worked for a lot of big superstars, and they have alarms, too…so they can get to their escape room.”
The Grand Canyon assertion
Jackson allegedly tortured Wade Robson in Neverland after the celebrity took his family on a vacation to the Grand Canyon.

 Michael Jackson's former bodyguard Matt Fiddes seen with the star

Wade said he was left alone with Jackson in Neverland for five days.

Smallcombe, on the other hand, maintains that both the child and his mother defended Jackson to investigators in 1993.

“His mother, Joy Robson, testified under oath in a deposition in 1993/1994 in relation to the Jordie Chandler case that Wade had actually gone on that trip to the Grand Canyon, before the entire family returned to Neverland for the second time the following weekend,” he claimed.

 Wade Robson claimed he was sexually abused on his first trip to Neverland in 1990

“Joy Robson had no reason to lie about this; she openly admitted that Wade had stayed alone with Jackson on other occasions.”

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