“Won My Heart in a Split Second”: Jennifer Lopez recalled a promise she made to Alex Rodriguez’s youngest daughter in a heartfelt birthday tribute

For four years, MLB star Alex Rodriguez and pop sensation Jennifer Lopez were one of the most enthralling couples in the entertainment business. Both A-Rod and JLo were divorced and single parents with two children when they met in 2017. The ex-celebrity couple began dating soon after they met. As a result, they went the next step in their relationships by meeting one other’s children. When Alex’s younger daughter Ella met Jennifer, she made a direct request that instantly put a grin on her face.
When Ella’s birthday rolled around three years into A-Rod and JLo’s relationship, Jennifer remembered a beautiful promise she had made to her at their very first meeting. Her feelings for Ella were mirrored in a message Lopez sent while wishing her a happy birthday and had Jennifer ready to fulfill that commitment.

Jennifer Lopez made a commitment to Alex Rodriguez’s kid.
Jennifer recounted their first encounter while also wishing Ella a happy 12th birthday in 2020. According to US magazine, JLo said on Instagram that on her first encounter with Ella, she immediately went towards Jennifer, sat in her lap, and requested for the lavender dress she had just worn to the Grammys.
Then she said in the same article, “You won my heart in a single second…You’re no longer a baby, but you’re still resting on my lap, and I adore you!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DARLING! #ThisPicIsUs PS: I’ve kept the outfit for you!!”

A-Rod, being the proud father he is, also commented on the post with “Omggggggg.” But it’s been two years since Alex and Jennifer split up. As a result, even if Jennifer had preserved the outfit for Ella at one time, she may not have kept her pledge.
Jennifer also wished Ella after splitting from A-Rod.

On April 15, 2021, A-Rod and Lopez made a public declaration that they were splitting up. This news, no matter how surprising, had arrived only days before Ella’s thirteenth birthday.

JLo’s feelings for Alex may have waned, but she still cared for his daughter. As a result, on her birthday, she posted a photo of the two of them on Instagram and wished her a happy birthday.

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